Aromatherapy: Nature’s Medicine



Essential oils are distilled, concentrated plant essences, the lifeblood of plants, meticulously researched, harvested and tested to deliver benefits at a deep cellular level that bypasses the blood-brain barrier.

They may be worn as fragrance, applied topically, added to food and drink, dropped in baths, diluted in water for cleansing, diffused for inhalation throughout a room. Read the directions for each when you purchase them.

Below are the two oils companies I use, and an aromatherapy lotion I love as well.

1) døTERRA (“Gift of the Earth”) oils are all Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG), the highest grade available, fine for ingestion when appropriate. Some doTerra blends: On Guard (immunity, fragrance, uplifting), Purify (disinfecting, refreshing), TerraShield (natural bug guard). Great single oils:  Lavender, Lemon, Wild Orange.  Great cooking oils: Cinnamon, Lemongrass, Oregano. Have you tried baking with essential oils?  Adding drops in your bath, your tea, your smoothies?  There’s even a døTERRA cooking apron! Order from my page and have your items delivered to you.  They also have excellent wholesale and distributor discounts that you can sign up for.

2) Young Living Essential Oils, long established in purity and standards, is also CPTG premium quality, with delicious signature blends like Valor and Abundance.  You can now order as a guest shopper online.  You can also register as a customer or a distributor (for wholesale prices).  Call Diane Mora, 303-766-9760, if you would like to be a customer or wholesale Distributor under me.  She can set you up with a member number so you can then order directly online.

3) Indu Lotion Nectar of the Moon, an aromatherapy hand-blended lotion by Marni Task is available from Marni’s Indu website or her studio suppliers including Pure Yoga boutique, or from me.



Suggested Oils to Start:

  1. 1)Lavender: Calming, Centering, enhances 6th chakra, inspiration and intuition.

    doTerra $28; YLEO $31

  1. 2)Abundance - empowering

    Thieves - protecting

    Valor - aligning

        Young Living: YLEO

  1. 3)Purify - cleansing

    Elevation - inspiring

    Slim & Sassy - slimming

        doTerra:  doTerra

Read about them at their links, and browse the wide variety of single and blended oils for everything from mood enhancement to health supplements to surrounding yourself with an aura of your chosen uplift or protection or empowerment.

When I travel, or when I cook or bake, I love having compact drops available to use, of items I may not have access to or time to buy: Rosemary, Coriander, Cloves, Ginger, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Lime, Lemon, are some examples.

Purchase online, or if you prefer me to order for you, email me.  I will calculate S/H + tax, and arrange for you to pick up when it arrives.


My Chakra balancing Restorative 2-hour workshops always include a small oil gift sample, with information card on the oil’s usage, chief benefits, and ingredients.

Countless studies show the benefits of plant essences applied topically, inhaled, and ingested, as appropriate for the situation, with a wealth of physical as well as emotional and mental healing results.

Try them for yourself.  The accounts of healing range from clinical studies to powerful personal stories.  Explore these uses of Nature’s medicine with care and with your own study and research, to find their healing stories in your own life.