Restorative Yoga

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This seemingly simple yet profound practice supports the body in Yoga postures over props (wall, bolsters, blankets, blocks etc) allowing inner healing processes to balance the body and mind.  Often prescribed for recovery from injury or illness, it is also the ideal complement and superb balance for a busy lifestyle or an active physical practice.

From the start I apprenticed with a Restorative teacher who is a massage therapist and taught a blended RestorAssage, and have always enjoyed blending healing touch within this practice. I combine my Thai Yoga bodywork certifications (2009 and 2010), healing experiences with hypnotherapy (2013) and with Yoga Nidra (2010 on) to deliver a style of Melted Yoga: Restorative Trance Meditation. In MYRTM, Restorative postures are the platforms on which we enter into a deeply restorative trance state utilizing all 5 senses and the 6th sense of imagination and imagery. In MYRTM, Restorative touch is strongly Thai inspired, and guided pranayama and meditation induce a deeply healing state wherein the levels of consciousness are optimized for positive transformation.


Since 2010 I have led Restorative Teacher Trainings for YogaFit® Training Systems across the USA, and Mother Mary Restorative TTs in New York with Continuing Education Units for Yoga Alliance teachers.  In 2013 I included a Thai & Fly option in Level 1 trainings. In 2016 and 2017, my Restorative Trance Meditation Yoga Training at Pure Yoga New York is 100-hours (in 4 separate 25-hour modules) and may apply to Pure’s Advanced 500-Hour TT for eligible teachers. My current and 8th Mother Mary Restorative Teacher Training is the 2019 100-Hour TT, running January - April, the last weekend each month, in 4 levels. It is currently in session, but you may inquire about joining L3 and L4 by emailing me.


Seasonally, I offer a two-hour Restorative Bliss chakra balancing workshop, with mantra, yantra, meditation, aromatherapy, music, and guided meditations, all in restorative poses, to balance and tune all 7 Chakras.  See Home Page for the listing of my “Spa-aaah Yoga” bliss treat.


Weekly in my Restorative classes at Pure Yoga, I focus on a single Chakra, using all the various deluxe modalities, so that we cycle through all the pantheon of restorative body postures month by month.  Total rebalancing and relaxation, while learning about your body’s healing powers.  Ask me about a guest pass for a class at Pure.


A delicious gift idea for yourself, family member or friend, solo or in a duet.  Scheduled at our mutual convenience at my home or yours, or when convenient, at a studio.  Email me for rates and to schedule an available slot.


Whether on weekend upstate retreats or on the 5 or 7 day tropical retreats I have led, Restorative is always a restful component that balances out our more active adventures and explorations, creating a sweet meditative relaxation after a full day of travel or play.