Thai Yoga


Thai Yoga, also called Thai Bodywork and Thai Massage, as I have received it, is the Northern Thai tradition, a flowing dance of yoga postures, in which the receiver rests passively on a floor mat while the giver flows them through a range of motions.  Soft to firm pressure applied along energy meridiens called Sen lines aid in releasing stagnant energy and balancing all the systems of the body.  I am aboundingly grateful to have received my training from Jennifer Yarro of Triple Gem School at Frog Lotus Studios, in 2009 and again in 2010. 


*Thai sessions are available by appointment in your home, my home, or in a studio, by arrangement.

*A duet class for a couple. Each is led to experience giving and receiving. A great date or a special occasion to remember!

*Led Thai class for a group of 4-20.  Enhance compassion and listening skills ~ and everyone gets a yummy massage!  A transformative, nurturing,  healing experience.  Rates vary for group size and nature of organization.

*Thai Yoga is a big part of the Lunar branch of healing arts in AcroYoga.  For teachers and offerings in your area, see:  Look for classes, workshops and immersions with “Thai and Fly” or “Acropeutics” or “Lunar” in the title.  All AcroYoga Fundamentals and Introduction Workshops will also include an introduction to Thai, along with Acrobatics and Yoga.


The Dance of Healing Energy